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Lao Screensaver EV

Lao Screensaver EV 2.00

A free screensaver with great original pictures of Lao.

Halloween Dark Night - Screensaver

Halloween Dark Night - Screensaver 5.07

  • Shareware
  • 9.95$
  • 25-Mar-2013
  • 4.2 MB

"Halloween Dark Night" is an Animated Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia devoted to the holidays, namely, to Halloween.

Ice Time Screensaver

Ice Time Screensaver 1.1

Water is the most unusual liquid, better say, substance, on our Planet.

Fireplace - 3D Screen Saver

Fireplace - 3D Screen Saver 5.07

  • Shareware
  • 9.95$
  • 18-Mar-2013
  • 5.0 MB

"Fireplace" - Animated 3D Screensaver by EleFun Multimedia.

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls 1.0

Tibetan Soul is a beautiful screensaver compiled by TibetanSoul.

Jamaica Photos Screen Saver

Jamaica Photos Screen Saver 1.0

Free high Julianne Moore screensaver made by portado.

Cambodia Screensaver EV

Cambodia Screensaver EV 2.0

A free screensaver with great original pictures of Angkor and Cambodia.

Wedding Planner Deals

Wedding Planner Deals 1.0

Are you getting ready for your Special Day? Sit down and relax watching this top quality screensaver about wedding.

Political one liners and Bushisms-part2

Political one liners and Bushisms-part2 1

A compilation of very funny political one liners in screensaver form by various polititians and well known personalities. Political one liners. The screen saver.

Garage Doors SS

Garage Doors SS 1.0

discover a great variety of Garage Doors pictures ScreenSaver

Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel 1.0

Let this heavenly Christmas Angel bring purity, peace and love during this special time of the year. Guardian of heaven, it represents a conforting presence for all of us.

Planet Earth Screen Saver

Planet Earth Screen Saver 1.0

  • Shareware
  • 14.95$
  • 24-Sep-2012
  • 50.4 MB

Explore the beauty of Earth, the only place in the universe where life is known to exist. From the deep blue oceans to the aurora of the shimmering atmosphere, admire the detail of our wondrous planet against the expanse of space.

3D Alien Aquarium Screen Saver

3D Alien Aquarium Screen Saver 1.7

  • Shareware
  • 11.95$
  • 22-Oct-2012
  • 1.2 MB

The 3D Alien Aquarium Screen Saver for Windows features a fantasy undersea aquarium which is home to a host of strange alien creatures.

Advanced Pathway Painter

Advanced Pathway Painter 2.1

This freeware program visualizes pathways. The user has the possibility to display any kind of quantitative data from gene and protein experiments directly within the pathways (colours represent the value).

Get Abs

Get Abs 1.0

Use this screensaver to motivate your weight. This was designed so you could look at images of dream bodies. Look at this every time you are at the computer and you also will want to get abs like these people. This is completely motivational.

Indoor Grill

Indoor Grill 1.0

Indoor grill, enjoy this delicious screensaver you can not prevent you mouth-watering with these succulent photos

NFS Germany Flag Clock

NFS Germany Flag Clock 1.1

Germany Flag Clock screensaver features Germany flying flag and round clock displaying time on your monitor. The screensaver is for patriots of their country and fans of Germany.

Videos Graciosos

Videos Graciosos 1.0

Funny Photos Screensaver, be a real fan and support purarisa and use these funny photos screensaver and laught

NFS ClockRain

NFS ClockRain 1.1

A screensaver, ClockRain, displays time in a digital format on your monitor. When the time changing, the numbers drop down like drops of rain and create water circles.The numbers of the blue colour show hours, minutes and seconds.


RHPortal 1.0

A ScreenSaver from RHPortal to all Human Ressourcers