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Elvis 1.0

Elvis Presley pictures and music.

Groovy Lava

Groovy Lava 1.80

Create an artificial cellular life form and watch it ooze into life with your favourite music or as your very own screen saver. Take a unique trip into the world of cellular automation and discover a whole new way of life !

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana 1.0

Carlos Santana at his best, 9 Grammy Awards and nowthis fantastic screen saver tribute: biography, soundsamples, photos, band members, Supernatural.

Sarah Brightman's Albums Saver Saver

Sarah Brightman's Albums Saver Saver 1

Shows some of Sarah Brightman's Albums flying in space. There is a fake album there for you to look out for too. If you don't know Sarah Brightman, she was the original Christine Daa in the Phantom of the Opera.


SurfPanel 3.0

SurfPanel 3.0 is a combination internet utility and screensaver. Included are 5 morphing 3d musical screensavers, a search panel for 10 search engines that opens in a new window. And of course the SurfPanel . SurfPanel is a browser assistant. It req...

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones 1.0

They had guts to call themselves World's Greatest Rock& Roll Band more than thirty years ago, and now nobodycan say The Rolling Stones weren't right on thesubject. This screen saver follows their spirit withunforgettable music samples.

Mariah Carey's Photos

Mariah Carey's Photos 1.0

If you're a fan of Mariah Carey, one of few realqueens of mainstream, you're gonna love thisscreensaver. It comes with a series of great andfancifully presented photographs. Powered by ActiveScreenSaver Builder.

JET Guitars Screen Saver

JET Guitars Screen Saver 1.0

A slide show presentation featuring beautiful high resolutionphotographs of custom hand-built JET electric guitars and basses. The screen saver includes user-configurable transition options.