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Description of AvatarGoldPackage 2.1:
Cool Avatars & icons, Change your face everyday! Over 100,000 avatars, icons can be used in twitter, facebook, digger, iphone, Blog, MSN etc.. More than 100,000 avatars, icons are provide. Our avatars all selected manually. The extra cool and new free avatars will be released every month! What are you waiting for? Hurry up to get our avatar packages for free! Why choose us? 1.With a large quantity and various patterns, our avatars are well selected and can meet your individual demands! 2.Make your avatar shines out of your friends'! Cooler avatars for you every day! 3.The resources are updated for download at any time, new free avatars will be released every month! 4.If you are a designer, the rich resources for design can broaden your mind and make your design better! Free download avatars 1. Choose your favorite avatar. 2. Click the avatar that you choose, open it in new "TAB". 3. Press the right button of the mouse,choose " save as" at the pull-down menu. Then you can save the avatar to where you want to keep it. 4. Repeat the Steps above for more avatars. 5. Goto Purchase page, get over 6,000 avatars. If you purchase our package, we will mail the download url to you by E-mail within 24 hours, so you can download all the avatar packages at one time. We need your right E-mail address for attachments. Free Unlimited Support : 1.Never see any same ones! 2.Please feel free to contact us with any questions! Free avatars download service( 30 newest avatars /months).If you want more free avatars, please visit our site: homepage

Supported OS: Windows XP, Mac OS X

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