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Free Sky Screensaver

Free Sky Screensaver 1.0

If you ask someone what is the color of the sky, anyone will answer that it’s blue without even thinking and will be sure that he is right. You have a real opportunity to doubt in this thanks to the unique selection of various pictures of the sky.

XZ-B-ONE Cursors

XZ-B-ONE Cursors 1.00

Amazing set of animated cursors. Up to 64 frames per cursor, semitransparent smooth shadows, amazing look.


CursorXP 1.31

CursorXP is a program that gives your Windows XP and Windows 2000 cursors a wide range of effects. Your cursors will be able to be semi-transparent and have more advanced shadows and alpha blending. Version 1.3 works under non-admin accounts on Windows

SpDrMN'z MajiK Pak CursorZ

SpDrMN'z MajiK Pak CursorZ 1.0

The newizt addition to SpDrMN'z main cursor pak! It makezyour desktop look like MajiK. Try it today! It'z EZ, installs right to your cursor folder and iz FREE.

26 New Misc Cursors

26 New Misc Cursors 1.0

A nice new colorful set of a variety of windows cursors (Static and animated). A couple Sports Cars, some funny faces, some hands doing a variety of things. Sure to be a great addition to your collection. Screen Shots On-Line. Enjoy!

SpDrMN'z CursoR PaK

SpDrMN'z CursoR PaK 1.5

A kewl way to make your WindoZe desktop interesting! It'z free! The pak self installs and haz about 130 animated cursors in it at this time. U should get it now! U have to see them to believe them.

Real Hand Cursors

Real Hand Cursors 1.A

5 real hand cursors to replace the full window scheme. Even the Win98 link hand for explorer.

St Patricks Day Cursors

St Patricks Day Cursors 1.0

A set of Cursors for St. Patrick's Day.

Fast Food Cursors

Fast Food Cursors 1.0

Fast Food Logos and other Food Related Cursors.

BruB cursors collection 6

BruB cursors collection 6 6.A

the 6th collection of high quality cursors from BruB, this one offers 26 animated cursors to please about everyone, from Mangas, to Darwin and Newton, you will find a cursors that you will like.

BruB's cursors Series

BruB's cursors Series 5.c

A collection of high quality busy and wait cursors to get rid of those ugly hourglass in windows. Including Batman, Pinky and the Brain, eye, hotel lights, Mushu, vampire, laser, deer, animal trails, book, spirals.

35 New Colorful Cursors

35 New Colorful Cursors 1.0

Another brand new set of Colorful Cursors. Wide variety and sure to enhance your desktop. Enjoy.

NHL Cursors

NHL Cursors 1.0

Another new set of cursors, this is of 20 NHL teams.

24 Cursors

24 Cursors 1.0

Another new set of a variety of Colorful Cursors. There's 24 in this one.

BruB's 360 Cursors

BruB's 360 Cursors 3.60

A serie of wait and busy cursors made from QTVR movies.

62 Color Cursors

62 Color Cursors 1.0

A nice new collection of 62 various colorful cursors to enhance your desktop. Enjoy!

BruB's Artistic Cursors

BruB's Artistic Cursors 2.0

12 cursors that are simply stunning. No real meaning to them, just great image that are going to put you in a great mood.

BruB's Taco Bell Cursors Scheme

BruB's Taco Bell Cursors Scheme 1.0

A cursors scheme to replace all of your pointer and hourglass with the taco bell dog. fun for fans, 10 animated 3 static cursors.

BruB's Flash Cursors Scheme

BruB's Flash Cursors Scheme 1.0

A complete cursors scheme to replace the pointers andwait/busy cursors in win 95/98/NT.