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Hinata Screensaver

Hinata Screensaver 1.0

Free anime and manga Hinata screen saver by naruto-wallpaper.

Kankuro Screensaver

Kankuro Screensaver 1.0

Free anime and manga Kankuro screen saver by naruto-wallpaper.

Bus Stop 2

Bus Stop 2 3.8.4

  • Shareware
  • 18.90$
  • 03-Nov-2012
  • 6.3 MB

Hang around a bus stop in any large city and you never know what will happen.

Megamind Screensaver

Megamind Screensaver 1.0

Megamind is a cartoon about a superhero. He will save our planet as always. Strange blue little men are flashed on the screen all the time. This is a great saver. You will not regret if you download it.

Running Clock 3D Screensaver

Running Clock 3D Screensaver 1.0

If you are sad or down, our Running Clock Screensaver will definitely put you in a good mood. With the help of several clicks you will get the funniest thing you have ever seen. Watch our alarm clock running along the countryside road.

CrazyFrog Screensaver

CrazyFrog Screensaver 1.0

Free CrazyFrog Screensaver for Windows containing 10 great pictures of the annoying thing!

Free TV Cartoon Screensaver

Free TV Cartoon Screensaver 1.01

This is a Fancy Screensaver with excellent slide show. It has popular TV cartoon photos. You can change the setting of this Screensaver yourself. Including position of Screensavers graphics size and Slide show effects, sound and behavior.

Don't Touch My Computer Episode 2

Don't Touch My Computer Episode 2 1.22

Don't Touch My Computer Episode 2 is the fun filled sequel to our initial DTMC screen saver and this time, we've kicked things up a notch. If crazy Joe wasn't enough to keep people away, our cyber guard dog is sure to get the job done.

StickMen War

StickMen War 2.4

Little StickMen fight it out on your screen with a variety of weapons. Unlike other screen savers, StickMen War unleashes the tiny little men on your current screen allowing them to wage war inside open documents and to destroy icons in their path.

Finding Nemo Movie Screensaver

Finding Nemo Movie Screensaver 1.0

Cool Freeware Animated Screensaver. Finding Nemo Movie Screensaver includes 16 images from funny movie. You'll meet with your favorite heroes and will enjoy again.

Homestar Runner Desktop Buddy

Homestar Runner Desktop Buddy 1.0

Homestar Runner Desktop Buddy uses animated cartoon homestar runner characters display on your desktop. Your desktop buddy displays your favorite homestar runner friends

Ballooneys Lite Screensaver

Ballooneys Lite Screensaver 2.1

Pop balloons and more with this fun, free, interactive screensaver with sound.

Fur Park Screensaver

Fur Park Screensaver 1.0

this cute slide-show screensaver contains furry animal caracters with the wide-eyed inocent look of the South Park kids !

2D Ghost Forest Interactive Saver 01

2D Ghost Forest Interactive Saver 01 2.5

The first of the Ghost Forest Family - a beautiful collection of hand-painted, children-safe (and interactive!) screen savers.

Disco Bugs

Disco Bugs 1.0

This entertaining screen saver features 3-D graphics and 5 throbbing music sountracks. Watch as the insect band sings and plays some funky tunes. All the while, the 'jitterbugs' are shaking and dancing, spinning around, showing their fancy footwork.

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid 1.0

Proved over years to deserve comparison with the best Disney work of the past. This screensaver hopes to pay proper tribute to eternal tale about love based on Hans Christian Andersen's writing and hallmarked with unforgettable voice of Samuel E. Wri...


Hercules 1.0

Climb at the mount Olympus to meet gods of Greek mythology. This screensaver is inspired by Disney's interpretation of the tale about Hercules. Make a note, James Woods voiced Hades, Lord of the Underworld.